2021 $2 ‘C’ mintmark ‘When Seconds Count’ Australian Ambulance Services coloured uncirculated coin


This is the 2021 $2 ‘c’ mintmark ambulance coloured uncirculated coin!

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Following the 2019 Police and 2020 Firefighters coin releases, the Royal Australian Mint rounds out its commemoration of Australia’s first responders with this 2021 $2 Coloured ‘C’ Mintmark, dedicated to our brave and skilled ambulance services.

From humble and disparate beginnings amongst the separate Colonies of 19th Century Australia, our ambulance services have evolved into one of the most effective, proficient and far reaching paramedic networks in the world. From the busy urban centres, the vast regional and rural districts, to the remote outback, over 33,000 paramedics, communication centre operatives, researchers, analysts, corporate staff and volunteers provide unrivalled service to foster and build the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

The Royal Australian Mint proudly honours the tireless and stoic paramedics who provide help in our hour of need, when seconds count.

  • ‘C’ Mintmark
  • Encapsulated & Carded
  • Uncirculated (UNC)


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