Ancient Greece Demetrius I Polorcetes of Macedonia 294-288 B.C


Demetrius I Polorcetes of the Macedonian Kingdom, 294-288 B.C

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Struck between 294-288 B.C, this ancient bronze coin is in Fine condition. From the era of Demetrius I Polorcetes, this coin features the Macedonian shield design, and the crest on the side of the Macedonian helmet.

Son of Antigonos the One-eyed, Demetrios Poliorketes (the ‘Besiger’) was a romantic chracter who pursued a most colorful career spanning more than three decades. In his earlier years he assisted his father, whose power was centered in Asia Minor, and in 306 he achieved a great naval victory over Ptolemy of Egypt, in the batte f Salamis, off the coast of Cyprus. After many vicissituedes he seized the Macedonian throne in 294, although he reigned for only six years the dyansty which he founded lasted unil the end of the Macedonian Kingdom. He died as a captive in Syria in 283 B.C.


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