1988 $10 SPECIMEN Note Bicentennial Johnston/Fraser in Presentation Folder


Specimen No. 0217 presented to Max H Waller in 1989.
Catalogue Value of $20,000

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Accompanied by a letter to a Max H Waller, who was involved with the note’s production.

The Bicentennial ten dollar note issued in 1988 by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) was Australia’s first commemorative banknote, and was also the first “true” polymer banknote in the world.

Since 1988, seven nations other than Australia have also made a complete switch to polymer notes, while a further twenty eight countries now have at least some polymer notes in circulation.

Polymer technology is so important to the world’s circulating currency that the background to the issue of Australia’s 1988 commemorative $10 note is regularly studied and discussed by bureaucrats and numismatists the world over.

This ongoing scholarly attention, coupled with demand from polymer note collectors right around the world will ensure that the rarer varieties of this note are certain to be in demand with collectors to come.

Specimen notes such as this are the rarest, most exclusive and desirable of all polymer notes, and stand to benefit the most when broader interest does return.

There is no better polymer $10 note to consider on the eve of the introduction of the NGB $10 note than this one.

It remains in the original (blue) presentation folder and an official RBA envelope, and is accompanied by a letter to a staff member involved with the production of the note.

It remains an excellent memento of the introduction of the world’s very first polymer banknote.


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