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1852 Adelaide Five Pound Forgery $19.00 1852 Adelaide five pound forgery struck in cupro-nickel. Die-struck in the late 1960's by Australia's infamous forgery David Gee. 32mm in diameter.

1915 Half Penny Fine Condition $75.00 Key date coin, fine condition.

1918 Half Penny Fine Condition $40.00 Key date coin, fine condition.

1920s Barber's Token $34.00 Lambert and Sons, Barber Shop in Melbourne. Shilling checkpiece.

1927 Canberra Florin $49.00 Nice Extra Fine Condition

1937 Silver Crown $45.00 Very Fine condition

1946 Florin $65.00 1946 Florin, uncirculated.

1946 Penny Fine Condition $89.00 Scarce date coin, nice fine condition.

1947 Florin $70.00 1947 florin, uncirculated, ex mint roll.

1948 Penny Choice Uncirculated $79.00 Choice uncirculated condition, lovely King George VI penny.

1951 Jubilee Silver Florin $24.00 Near Uncirculated Condition

1953 Florin uncirculated $69.00 1953 florin, nice uncirculated condition.

1954 Royal Visit Florin $19.00 Near Uncirculated Condition

1963 Florin nice uncirculated $39.00 Final year of Issue, Choice Uncirculated

1964 Penny Choice Uncirculated $15.00 Small spot on obverse, see photo.

1964 Penny Uncirculated $9.00 Uncirculated condition.

Australian 1850's Penny Token $35.00 Iredale and Co. Ironmongers Sydney, near fine condition.

Scarce 1963 Proof Set (Melbourne) 4 Coin Set $495.00 Scarce 1963 Australian proof set. A set of four silver Melbourne Mint proof coins; florin, shilling, sixpence and threepence. 1963 was the last year that Melbourne produced proof sets.

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